Sweet Poppy Stencil: Finishing / Gilding Wax Transparent


Great for making your own gilding waxes.

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Not only is this a fantastic clear wax it is also great for making your own coloured gilding wax. We just add a little coloured mica powder to the wax and hey presto a coloured gilding wax that will not dry up in your pot! Make as much or as little as needed and any left over store in a pot for future projects. This will bring colour, depth and metallic bling to all your projects from card craft to home decor. So don’t delay, start making your own embellishing waxes with this versatile wax.

A little tip, take a scoop of wax add a little mica powder then mix on your craft mat, get your heat gun and melt the wax slightly this will encapsulate the mica, be aware the wax will be hot for a few seconds its now ready to be used or store in a air tight jar. By the way it smells of citrus fruits and not turpentine! Why not visit our YouTube Channel to see how to make your very own gilding wax.

This wax can be used as a relief product apply a little on an applicator in a circular motion over a stencil remove the stencil and spray your coloured ink over gently pat dry and you will see the image appear before your eyes.

If used on its own the transparent finishing wax can be applied in a thin layer in a circular motion with a sponge or soft cloth. Once completely dry, if you buff it will have a silky shine finish

Solvent based


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