Sweet Poppy Stencil Heat Foils Green Micro Dot


Sweet Poppy Stencil Heat Foil Green Micro Dot. 5 metres x 10 cm’s

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How to use the range of Sweet Poppy Stencil heat foils: Sweet Poppy Stencil heat foils Green Micro dotĀ  (SPF-GMICD) – 5 metres by 10 cm’s of eye catching colour to enhance any project that you are working on from paper craft to mixed media and more.

Paste any stencil image using our dimensional paste, which is a great versatile medium. Leave the image dry completely. Once dry dust the card around the image with an anti static pad. Try and keep the powder off the pasted image as this may stop the foil adhering to the image

Now cut a piece of heat foil from the roll and place it shiny side up over the image. Ensure the image is covered, place the foil covered image between a folded piece of copy paper. Using a hot laminating machine run the image covered by the copy paper through the machine. Open up the paper folder and remove the foil sheet. Hey presto the foil has adhered to the image, any unwanted foil can be removed from the card with a glue rubber (eraser).

If you still have areas of foil residue then you may have not applied enough of the anti static powder. Or the card stock may not be appropriate due to its fibrous content.

Why not utiliseĀ  and combine scrap pieces of left over heat foils to complete another project. Over lapping foils will not effect the image’s final colour.

Why not visit the Sweet Poppy YouTube page where i have posted a simple to follow video on how to hot foil using the Sweet Poppy medium and foils.



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