Sweet Poppy Stencil: Clear Finishing Wax


Transparent Finishing Wax – 100ml

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Transparent Finishing Wax – 100ml

No need to buy gilding waxes of various colours, just add a little mica powder to this easy to use wax and hey presto you have a coloured wax! This wax will last you for ages and it does not dry out just ensure you replace the lid!

Take a little wax from the pot add a little of your chosen mica colour and mix it, to speed up the process you can then give it a quick blast with a heat gun to encapsulate the mica within the wax, but please beware the wax will be hot, so let it cool down before using. Any left over gilding wax just place in an airtight container for future projects.

This is a finishing wax so it will come in use within many crafting disciplines, for instance once you have finished any ink project, put a light coating of wax over and buff up with a soft lint free cloth. This will then seal the ink.


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